At 3 Years Old, The Cfpb Gives Americans A Soapbox – Abc News

U.S. Leveraged Loan Volume Slips To $9.2B, Though Market Remains Heated – Forbes

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Despite the steep fines levied by the bureau, financial institutions continue to grow and grow, and the economy as a whole continues to improve, albeit too slowly. That said, the CFPB has faced more than a few challenges over the past three years. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, thundering hordes of financial services lobbyists and a host of conservative groups that vowed to crush Dodd-Frank along with its prescription for establishment of the CFPB, poured more than $1.3 billion into the effort. On a crusade to eviscerate the agency from the start, Senate Republicans blocked the nomination of Elizabeth Warren as its first director even though, or, perhaps more accurately, because it was her brainchild. Ironically, Congressional opposition became a proof of that old adage, Be careful what you wish for. While the GOP succeeded in blocking Professor Warren from the directorship of the CFPB, the agencys current director, Richard Cordray, now enjoys the strongest ally he could possibly hope for on the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. Professor Warren is now Senator Warren. Of course, the CFPB continues to fend off bills — now numbering in the double digits — aimed at defunding, defanging or outright destroying the agency, including the Houses attempt to gut the CFPB and limit the directors purview through the so-called Consumer Financial Protection and Soundness Improvement Act. Despite vehement opposition, the CFPB continues to build on a solid track record that to date includes winning $4.6 billion in damages for 15 million consumers harmed by illegal practices.
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Boulder, Broomfield, Weld commercial deals: July 28, 2014 – Boulder Daily Camera

Boselli, Vectra Bank Colo., 7072 Indian Peaks Trail, Boulder, 7/11/2014, $1,023,750 David E. and Danielle Demarsh, JPMorgan Chase Bank, 303 Sky Lark Way, Boulder, 7/9/2014, $1,000,000 Steven J. and Laura Johnston, Bank West, 4837 Eldorado Springs Drive, Boulder, 7/8/2014, $999,000 Katharine R. Hobart, JPMorgan Chase Bank, 5740 Prospect Road, Longmont, 7/14/2014, $900,000 John D. Brantley, Bank America, 375 Dakota Blvd, Boulder, 7/9/2014, $868,400 Margaret Anne Tolbert, AMG National Trust Bank, 480 Kalmia Ave., Boulder, 7/8/2014, $860,000 Flatiron View Farm LLC, Farm Credit Services America, Farm Credit Services America, 7/11/2014, $825,000 Coast to Coast Residential Development, Wells Fargo Bank National Association, 3610 Paonia St., Boulder, 7/8/2014, $810,725 William and Andrea Beaber, Kansas State Bank Manhattan, 13949 Pinehurst Circle, Broomfield, 7/18/2014, $785,000 DeedsThis list includes deeds (conveying title to a property) of $350,000 or more. Information includes the seller, buyer, address or legal description of the property, date the deed was filed and amount. Caribou Estates Inc., Indian Peaks Holdings LLC, Indian Peaks Holdings LLC, multiple properties, 6/16/2014, $25,000,000 William Leipold, 3195 Bluff Element LLC, 3195 Bluff St., Boulder, 7/9/2014, $2,600,000 MW Bluff Real Estate LLC, 3155 Element LLC, 3155 Bluff St., Boulder, 7/11/2014, $2,400,000 John B. and Elizabeth W. Sprow, Dino John Pionzio Jr., 2675 Dakota Place, Boulder, 7/10/2014, $2,300,000 Storage Containers Ltd Liability, Lookout LLC, Lookout LLC, multiple properties, 7/8/2014, $2,110,000 Storage Containers Ltd Liability, Ace Holdings LLC, Ace Holdings LLC, multiple properties, 7/8/2014, $2,110,000 Stonewall and Betty R. Jackson, Tom H. Connolly, 9625 Avocet Lane, Lafayette, 7/9/2014, $1,950,000 Eric R.
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(AP) – A University of Virginia official says the administration is considering borrowing up to $100 million to boost its student financial aid program. Patrick Hogan, the university’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, disclosed the discussions with a bank at a meeting of a Board of Visitors subcommittee Friday in Herndon. The university established an endowment last year to help cover the growing costs of the financial aid program, AccessUVa. Media outlets report that the loan would be intended to help meet the program’s needs until the endowment is sufficiently large. Board member Kevin Fay said it takes about 10 years to build an endowment to a useful level. The cost of the need-based AccessUVa program has quadrupled to $40 million since it was established in 2004. (Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.) 301 Arboretum Place, Richmond
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Digest – Memphis Daily News

With the recent activity, year-to-date loan volume totals $367 billion, compared to $384 billion at this point last year (of course, there was a record $605 billion in leveraged loan issuance in all of 2013).July is turning out to be a relatively sleepy month volume-wise, with $38 billion in issuance so far, down noticeably from the $64 billion during June. Despite the dip in issuance, the loan market remains hot, as LCDs Chris Donnelly explains in his weekly market commentary: Judging by activity over the past week, recent chatter about an overheated loan market looked to be largely justified. Investor Investor demand was hot and heavy this week, with pricing tightening on no fewer than a dozen transactions alongside other aggressive moves. It was primarily the marginal transactions that saw any degree of difficulty. Of note this week, Expro Oilfield Services brought to market a $1.52 billion term loan that backed repayment of mezzanine debt. The issuer, which is owned by Goldman Sachs PIA, Arle Capital Partners, Alpinvest Partners and management, has filed for an IPO.The credit is covenant-lite, meaning it has less restrictions on the issuer than does traditional leveraged loans. Also of note this week, Berkshire Partners launched $415 million in loans to institutional investors, backing the LBO of Portillo Restaurant Group. The credit is covenant-lite as well, and includes a second-lien portion rated CCC by S&P, says LCDs Kerry Kantin. Befitting the hot market, leveraged loan yields continue under pressure. The average single-B credit priced over the past 30 days did so to yield 5.10%, down from 5.32% at the end of June, while better-quality (double-B) loans are yielding 4.16%, down a bit from 4.19% at month-end, according to LCD.
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Important tips for online mortgage loan applications – Your Houston News: Opinion

If you trust your agent, simply know they have your best interest at heart. If you must shop for rates to feel comfortable, research online or call lenders directly to find out the best rate available. Keep in mind that disreputable lenders (particularly online) are known for bait-and-switch schemes. Dont give them your social security number or authorize them to pull your credit. Once you have filled out the basics and authorized your loan officer to pull your records, most everything they need will be downloaded through their system. If you have doubt whether they need any small bit of informationwaitask the loan officer if it should be included. Less is better. Leave it up to your lender to ask for more. Prepare Documentation Everything you answer on your application form will need to be sourced or verified.
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UVA Considers Loan For Financial Aid Program – 8NEWS – WRIC | News Where You Live

Weve identified the five trolleys that we believe are in the best condition to focus on them and go in and do a complete reinspection and begin repair work on those five trolleys with the intent of getting at least limited service in place within three to six months, said MATA interim president and general manager Tom Fox. We do believe that we are still on schedule to meet that window of time. All trolley service was suspended in June after the transit authority reached the conclusion that the fleet would either have to be completely renovated or replaced. Fox said Friday, July 25, that no decision has been made on the possible renovation of other trolleys in the fleet. Some of the trolleys have been in service for the 22 years since the Main Street line began. They were initially restored after being bought from sources in Australia and Portugal where they were originally in service, some as long ago as 80 or 100 years. Bill Dries Midtown Fresh Market to Open in August The Fresh Market has set an opening date for its new Midtown store. The new store at 2145 Union Ave . will open Aug. 13 at 8 a.m., and grand opening activities will include chef demonstrations, food sampling throughout the store and drawings for The Fresh Market gift cards. A sample-sized bag of the companys gourmet coffee and a reusable shopping bag will be free to the first 1,000 customers.
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