Judge Says Raimondo Must Be Deposed On 38 Studios – Yahoo News

Loan Party Stragglers Meet Push Back From Investors: Euro Credit – Bloomberg

approved the loan guarantee for 38 Studios, and she opposed it when she was running for treasurer. But an attorney for one of the defendants in the suit, former EDC Executive Director Keith Stokes, wants to question her about communications she had with Stokes and others at the agency while she was a candidate. David Martland subpoenaed her last week. During a hearing Friday in Superior Court, Raimondo attorney Raymond Marcaccio argued the subpoena should be quashed, saying his client has information that is “quite limited” and not relevant or significant to the case. He called her a bystander and proposed that she answer written questions. But Martland said she shouldn’t be treated differently than any other witness. He indicated Raimondo had had communications with EDC board member George Nee regarding her concerns about the deal, and had also met with Stokes and former agency lawyer Robert Stolzman. Stolzman is also named in the EDC’s suit. 38 Studios went bankrupt in 2012. The state remains on the hook for some $89 million related to the transaction.
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7 Steps in Dealing With Debt Collectors – Forbes

Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Students and parents borrowing less to pay for college By Melanie Hicken 1 hour ago 0 shares Content preferences Done While college costs and student loan bills have soared over the past decade, some students and their families are finding ways to spend (and borrow) less. Borrowing reached its lowest level in five years as families paid for more expenses out of pocket and cut back on costs in a variety of ways, according to an annual survey of 1,600 college students and parents by Sallie Mae and market research firm Ipsos. Related: Drowning in student loan debt On average, college students and their parents borrowed 22% of total college costs in the 2013-2014 school year, compared to 27% two years ago. Financial aid experts say that even a small reduction in borrowing can help students save thousands of dollars in future interest payments, and make it more likely that they will be able to afford those payments come graduation. A key factor: a growing percentage of students are seeking to cut costs by attending two-year colleges instead of pricier four-year institutions. Although the average cost of public two-year schools has nearly doubled in the last six years, these schools are still thousands of dollars cheaper than four-year colleges and universities. Related: College savings gap widens between rich and poor But that’s not all.
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Students and parents borrowing less to pay for college – Yahoo Finance

People are pushing back on aggressive deals, not just on covenant-lite deals, Ranbir Singh Lakhpuri, a London-based money manager at Insight Investment Management Ltd., which oversees the equivalent of $506 billion. Many deals are coming late to the party and meeting satiated guests on the way out. M&A Deals Loan issuance has been fueled by a surge in deals financing mergers and acquisitions by private equity and venture capital firms in the region which climbed to $110 billion this year, a 75.4 percent increased from the same period in 2013, data show. The record $113 billion of high-risk, high yield bonds sold in Europe this year is also starting to generate indigestion, with the securities poised to hand losses to investors in July for the first time since August 2013. Winoa SA, the French producer of abrasives for metalworking, scrapped a bond offering July 22. Investors demanded higher yields to buy the companys 260 million euros of junk notes as well as more assurances over the time during which securities couldnt be repaid. The average yield investors demand to hold junk-rated bonds in euros is 3.74 percent, up from a record 3.46 percent in May, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch index data. Sub-investment grade bondholders are poised to lose 0.1 percent this month, reducing gains for the year to 5.3 percent, the data show. Deal Fatigue Theres just not enough juice in these deals and theres a bit of deal fatigue, said Edinburgh-based Steven Logan, head of European high yield at Scottish Widows Investment Partnership Ltd., which manages about $242 billion. Endemol is seeking to raise 700 million euros of term loans, as well as 335 million euros of more junior second-lien loans, Bloomberg data show. Its had to increase interest margins on both portions by 0.5 percentage points and is now offering 8.75 percentage points more than benchmark rates on the riskiest debt, the data show. The company is raising the money to fund a recapitalization following its takeover last month by New York-based Apollo Global Management LLC.
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5 Ways You Will Save Money After Retirement – Yahoo News

Instead, look at your bank and credit card statements and categorize your expenses for a month on a worksheet like this . Once you know where your money is going, see if you can then use any of these money-saving ideas to reduce some of those expenses. The result should be a good sense of what you can afford to put towards debt each month. 3) Know what you owe. For each of your debts, find out the balance, the interest rate, the minimum payment, and how long its been delinquent. You can use this worksheet to record the information. If you see anything thats not accurate, you can dispute it with the credit bureau to have it removed. Its bad enough if youre suffering from your mistakes. You dont want to suffer from other peoples mistakes too. 4) Focus on newer debt first.
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Done 5 Ways You Will Save Money After Retirement By Joe Udo 58 minutes ago 0 shares Content preferences Done Many financial planners and online calculators assume you will need about 80 percent of your pre-retirement income to maintain your lifestyle in retirement . But everyone’s situation will be different. Super savers who tuck away 30 to 50 percent of their paychecks will need much less than 80 percent of their income after retirement. They get used to living below their means, and that habit will carry into retirement. There are also many expenses that will be reduced after retirement. Some work-related costs retire along with the job, while others can be eliminated once you are no longer supporting a family. Here’s how retirees spend less than their working counterparts: Housing. Housing is the biggest monthly expense for most working households, but this can change in retirement. If you have been diligent about paying down your mortgage, you could pay off the loan before retirement. This will reduce the monthly cost of housing greatly, but that’s not the only way to spend less.
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